Sunday, July 10, 2005

Another random post

How much of who we are is determined by the environment that we were raised in? An interesting theory that I have run across, is that there are certain traits we are born with, but those traits will affect the environment that we are raised in. For example a child who is taller and more agile might be encouraged to play basketball, so therefore he plays more and is better, while another child may have a predisposition to math and wind up working in physics. Just something to thing about. Unfortunately, I can't find the original source of the theory.

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ZSN said...

I've seen this theory before, in Genome by Matt Ridley and The Blank Slate by Stephen Pinker, but those are obviously not the original sources.

Sancho said...

Ah... Makes me think back with fond memories on the Chomsky vs. Skinner debates of yesteryear.

But seriously, philosophers and psychologists alike are a bit psycho... Really, what kinda crack were they on to argue that behavior was either mostly nature, or mostly nurture.