Thursday, August 04, 2005

|o| <-- Tie Fighter

I held off on posting the last few days, because I wanted someone to post a comment on my last post. As of the writing of this post, no one has. I know at least 6 people have read my blog at one time or another. Since I started to post with some level of frequency, my level of comments has pretty much flatlined. So if you haven't already, read the last post, and post a comment. I'm curious how many people actually read this (I'm hoping for at least one post from someone who hasn't said anything about my blog to me yet).

I am refraining from another substantial post until I get a comment, but I won't leave you without a song of the day. It is Alien by Pennywise.

P.S. I'm serious

1 comment:

Sancho said...

Dude, you shoulda warned me you started posting like the world's gonna go pear-shaped. I'm a slow reader man, how am I ever gonna catch up? :p