Friday, August 05, 2005

In response to comments

The reason I was trying to provoke people into commenting is to see how many people read my blog. I know about counters, and they are always horribly inflated because of automated web access (mostly search engines). Thanks for the feedback. As far as comments regarding lyrics, I know people read into them way too much. That is why I use quotes that are pretty clear in their general idea, regardless of whether you recognize them or not. I know that they are not the only part of music with meaning, they are just the easiest to talk about. There is a reason I try to link to MP3s for my songs of the day. But your points are well taken.

Now I feel like pimping some of my favorite causes. Downhill Battle is an organization pushing for a fairer music industry and participatory culture. In essence, they are trying to make the artists more important than the corporations in culture. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is an organization that defends freedom in the digital world. They are the ones trying to keep filesharing legal for legitimate purposes. Finally, I would like to urge people to use free/open source software when it meets their needs, as opposed to resorting to proprietary solutions. The most common one is Mozilla Firefox, a web browser that is a great replacement for Internet Explorer. I've been using it for years, and love it.

I'm going to watch some anime now

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Gretchen said...

I promised you a threatening e-mail if I didn't see you at GWAR, but I was more dissappointed that you and your pals didn't come to the Suicide Machines - it was a good time. Obviously I'm not very good at threatening you, so, I will compliment you on your dedication to this "blog page" (if that's what it's called.) You know I love your ideas and your devotion is encouraging - maybe one day I'll learn how to use the internet. Lots of good shows are soon to arrive in Denver, two wonderful evenings of Strung Out, and your personal favorite Coheed and Cambria (who are touring with the Blood Brothers, so I may have to cross over to the dark side for one evening.) If I don't hear back from you you'll recieve another threatening letter, even though you are an amazing person. Sorry I'm so bad at this technology business.