Friday, April 15, 2005

Read a free book!!!

There are plenty of media resources on the internet. One thing that is becoming more common is people publishing books online for free, usually because they feel that people reading them is more important than making money off them. Here are a couple good ones: Free Culture and The Cluetrain Manifesto. Also, if you want to read public domain works, most of which predate modern copyright law, check out Project Gutenberg

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Sancho said...

It seems like developing a consistent, quality collection of free literature out there would be a monumental task as compared to software. See, people who contribute to FOSS software are often people who are involved because they want to make something that /they/ too will use.

The problem with large written works is that the author already has to have a very solid knowledge of what they will be writing before they write it. Thus, the chances of them directly benefiting from the literature is nearly nil. And the individual effort involved in putting together a quality full-length book is monumental

At least there will always be literature that goes out of copyright. And I think measures should be taken to ensure that companies can't just keep extending the copyrights to infinity.